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Avoid unnecessary calls from your smart phone through app

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It’s a sad fact that most of us are exposed to a never ending flood of unwanted messages from some salespeople, telemarketers and even pornography when we click on any website –a deluge that invades our personal time each day. Whether we are just checking an article online or having a relaxed time with our family any unwanted thing can become annoying and frustrating. Spam has infiltrated our mobile phones as well where it not only wastes away your valuable your time but also costs you money and hinders your routine life. Nowadays spam callers not just call us but also send us a truckload of messages offering some or the other scheme or discount. To make matters worse, text messaging apps like WhatsApp etc are also being used by spammers to send out unwanted messages. In any medium, spam remains unwanted and annoying. It is obvious if we want to purchase a credit card or take a personal loan, we will opt for it and not wait for a caller to offer a scheme to us. Text messages consume your precious data allowance, and voice minutes while calls take away your precious time when you are in the middle of something important.
The good news however is that we can stop it from happening. It doesn’t have to be that way and we have a lot of options to choose from. Simply, take some measures to get rid of unsolicited messages and calls and you’ll eliminate spam forever from your life.

Telemarketers are definitely annoying – no one wants to hear a sales pitch for a loan or credit card when they don’t really want it. To avoid such instances, don’t give your number to any company or list it on any website. If you do it and receive calls, make sure you get your number removed from the list that mobile application development company is using. It is undoubtedly illegal for any company to take your number and bug you with unwanted calls. You can also register for a facility offered nowadays by telecom regulatory agencies or operators called “Do not call” and prevent unwanted calls.
One more solution is using features in your smartphones to block these calls. Nowadays all operating systems are equipped with apps and inbuilt features that let you avoid distractions. Simply add an unwanted number in your contact list and mark it as spam caller or add it to voicemail. You can also put your phone on modes like meeting mode, sleep mode or do not disturb mode to take calls only from people you actually want to pick calls from and ignore others. If your smartphone doesn’t offer these features, download an app to block all these callers and make your live simpler.
There are definitely many ways to avoid unnecessary calls. If your operator doesn’t provide a facility or even after you register for “Do not call facility” and you still receive these calls, you always have an option of using applications to avoid it. Remember to use all measures to prevent such instances and you will definitely be on the road of avoiding spam.

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