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Bugs, problems, issues and regression in Android 5.0 Lollipop


Androids Lollipop is proving a bit sour to its user. As on one side Google is on the verge to empower all the Nexus device with its updated mobile OS while on other side issues related with this new member have started popping. Instead of becoming a pleasant surprise for the Nexus user the Android 5.0 Lollipop rising as glitch surprise. This latest one from Google side has received many complaints till now that forces you to think whether to hit update button or not on your Nexus device when you get such option.

Here we have compiled some of the gripes and complaint that are faced by Nexus user while updating to Android lollipop:

Bugs Related Issue:
As the update to Lollipop is easily available for enterprising user over the air using the factory images supplied by the Google, it doesn’t mean that it’s safe.

Some bugs crawling along with this latest update are:-

• Wi-Fi connection problem in Nexus 5: According to Nexus 5 users report, once upgraded to Lollipop their phone find it difficult to get online. It’s save your Wi-Fi password but often struggle to connect to the networks and fails to connect most of the time. Or if get connected than battery drains out quickly. All these problems are practical after updating through Google official factory images.

• Video Playback problem in Nexus 7: Here is another problem that Nexus 7 tablet users have experienced after updating to Lollipop through Google factory images. Their tablet completely says NO to play any kind of video file on the screen. Whether it’s a YouTube frame, locally saved video or the recorded one it shows an error message stated as “There was a problem in playing. Touch to retry”. Some users get rid of by restarting the phone but it’s not a permanent one.

• Random cards appearing in the App Switcher: This time the bugs crawl to the software part of the Nexus 5. The users have faced it in the form of Lollipop App Switcher, which shows the random app lists even if you have cleared it earlier from there. The bugs cause the dismissed app or sometimes the system app that are often used to reappear back on the list.

Nasty Bug under the flashlight of Nexus 5: The flashlight shortcut from Lollipop proving a long pause for the Nexus 5 users. The bugs here are responsible to prevents using either the camera or flashlight after once you have toggled LED flash. One of a power friendly feature to auto turn off the flashlight after a particular threshold time is also annoying for some users. They find that once the flashlight is turned off automatically it’s not possible to use camera and flashlight at all. Maybe reboot will solve it but again it’s not guaranteed.


Issues and Regression on Android Lollipop:
Apart from bugs, some Google intended changes on its new update are not warmly welcomed by users. Like there is no silent mode available in Lollipop phones. The users have to adjust between audible ringtones and vibration. This really an irritating part when you want your phone not to make even a pin drop sound. There is also no ticker in the notification bar of Lollipop device, while it was there on the previous version.

Therefore, it’s not easier to read all the notifications of different mobile apps in one go as it used to be. Ultimately the new addition forces you to open the app to get more information.
The arrows of issues from the bow of Android 5.0 Lollipop is coming from all directions, there may be still some more, which time will let us know perfectly. However, Google and other third parties puts their hard endeavor to solve these issues and looking back to get on track.

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