Top 6 Mobile App Monetization Models


Many people venture into the mobile apps business not just because of the fact that they want to increase the customer loyalty, publicize the brand and gain new customers but also because mobile apps can fetch them a lot of revenue. Mobile app can act as a means of marketing medium for brands. After all the hard work developers put in for the app, they expect it to be a solid source of revenue.

Mobile e-commerce is rapidly growing but that doesn’t mean you reach the billion dollar success of apps like WhatsApp and Instagram. You need to develop a sustainable mobile business and you need to have a well thought out model for how you can earn maximum revenues before your app hits the market.

Whether you are a developer or a marketer, you need to know the strategies to follow for earning maximum revenues.
Firstly, you need to identify the model which will be right for your app. You need to know the differentiating factors between your app and the apps by your competitors. Then ask yourself what would users pay for and the business models by your competitors and how well have they worked.

The strategy should be chosen and developed in the app before it’s launched and you always have the option of pondering over the strategies you have chosen and make changes.

The top 6 models followed for mobile ad monetization are as follows:-

1. Banner Ads – These ads usually occupy space at the top or bottom of the app. On clicking the ad, user can get an option of downloading a new app or watching a video.

2. Interstitial Ads – This model introduces ads at points like the starting of an app or after a level gets completed.

3. Rewards Ads – This model is a good for both customers as well as iPhone developers as they offer reward points, coupons, discounts, freebies. If users manage to achieve something in the app, they can see pop-up message to display the freebie and owner of app will also get compensated.

4. Offer walls – These types of ads are used in Unity games , users get the option of buying virtual goods for real money or users need to perform some action on the app to earn virtual items.

5. Notification ads – These ads can typically push advertisements to the customers even if the app is not active. However it is only supported on Android apps.

6. Native advertising – Typically used by ads focusing on content and the ads will show up in the news feed. For example Facebook has employed Native advertising model which is going pretty well.

Whenever you plan to develop an app incorporating advertisements, research thoroughly and then finalize the model and develop an app based on that model.

10 new features in Android 5.0 (Lollipop)

10 new features in Android 5.0


Google has started the rollout of Android 5.0 Lollipop to select devices. The new OS brings with it a number of visual changes and adds new features. Here’s a look at 10 new features of Android Lollipop.

1. Material design

material design
Lollipop introduces the new ‘Material design’ which is flatter, cleaner and more colourful. Google has also updated native apps to follow the same design language. The UI design gives the impression of moving paper strips stacked over each other.

2. Redesigned navigation keys

Redesigned navigation keys
The on-screen navigation buttons at the bottom now consist of simple shapes. The back button is triangular, home button is circular and the open apps button is now square in shape.

3. New app switcher menu

New app switcher menu
With Android Lollipop, the OS now also displays open tabs in Chrome with recent apps. Instead of a vertical Android app switcher, the new menu is similar to a carousel. One can disable open Chrome tabs from showing up in this menu.

4. Overhauled notifications panel

Overhauled notifications panel
Notifications and quick setting toggles are part of a single screen. Notifications appear as white strips that display dark text. You pull down once to display notifications, pull again and settings toggles are displayed.

5. New lockscreen notifications

New Lock screen notifications
Notifications now also appear on lockscreen. These notifications are also actionable. So you can reply to a message without unlocking the phone.

6. More control over notifications

more control over notifications
Lollipop offers more control over notifications allowing users to prioritize them. In the Settings menu, you can choose to allow only important notifications.

7. New keyboard

New keyboard
Android Lollipop comes with a completely redesigned keyboard with dark text on white background. The new keyboard doesn’t have any visual borders separating the letters to offer better hits and more clarity.

8. New Dialer app

new dialer app
The Phone dialer app in Android Lollipop also gets a makeover. The borders that separate each key have been removed and there’s more white space with numbers bearing blue color.

9. Multiple user profiles

multiple user profiles
Android Lollipop brings multiple user profiles to Android phones. You can set up multiple user profiles in Lollipop for sharing the phone with others without giving them access to your personal apps and data.

10. Fitness hub

fitness hub
Android Lollipop also offers Google’s new fitness tool, Google Fit. Similar to Apple’s Health app, the app allows you to bring all stats from various fitness apps and track them in a central location.

Most Used PHP Frameworks in 2014

PHP frame works


It’s imperative to think carefully before you choose the framework for developing your applications as it can make or break your web application the top 5 PHP frameworks amongst these frameworks are Phalcon, Laravel, Symfony, CodeIgniter and Yii Framework.

PHP is the most popular scripting language for many different reasons – flexibility, ease-of-use. Despite the fact that PHP is flexible and easy to use, coding in PHP can get repetitive and monotonous. PHP frameworks can somehow lift that burden, making the development process easier, promoting the usage of generic components and modules for making coding simpler and keeping your code organized and easy to maintain.

There are many PHP frameworks currently on the market and it is hard to choose one framework to rely your coding on. Here we have compiled a list of few of the best PHP frameworks being used in 2014.

1. Laravel – Laravel is a free, open source PHP framework, designed for developing MVC web applications. It allows you to create huge enterprise applications or simple APIs using simple coding process and reduces the complexities of development by making authentication, sessions, etc very easy. Overall, the simpler development process and offers a lot more creativity potential for developers makes it a very good framework and perfect for developing all kind of applications.

2. Symfony – Symfony is one of the most used frameworks with a powerful ORM and documentation. It allows you a faster development process and easy maintenance of PHP web applications.

3. Phalcon – PHP framework implemented as a C extension offering high performance and less resource consumption. It is available across all platforms.

4. Yii Framework – A powerful and feature rich framework, it allows you to focus on the coding process while all the other work is done by the framework itself. The learning process can be a bit time consuming even if the framework automates the process.

5. Codeigniter – Codeigniter is an easy to learn framework with flexibility and easy documentation. Extremely powerful, it is perfect for developers who prefer simple and elegant toolkit to create web apps.

6. CakePHP – CakePHP follows Model-View-Controller (MVC) approach for making application development easier, faster, and offers easy coding process.

7. Zend – It is one of the only frameworks suited for enterprise applications. It offers extreme flexibility, scalability and robustness. However, it only caters to the expert PHP developers not beginners or intermediate developers.

8. Aura – Aura PHP project suits those who love neat codes and independent packages.

9. Flight – Flight is a fast, simple, extensible framework for PHP. Flight enables you to quickly and easily build restful web applications.

10. Kohana – Kohana is a simple and elegant PHP framework that provides feature rich components for building web applications.

This article discusses the various PHP frameworks. Focusing on choosing the framework suiting your development needs (requirements and budget) can go a long way in saving you from future hassles.

Shopify Integration:- How Does it works?

Ecommerce Application
The internet world is exploding with eCommerce websites. Almost all major retailers, brick and mortar stores or start ups are venturing into this business. One thing which can be tricky is to build your online shop. With the dearth of existing e-commerce online builders, it can get confusing to figure out the right one for your needs. If you are looking to start your online e-commerce venture or moving your existing business to the online world, Shopify will definitely be the best option to create your online shop.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is basically an eCommerce solution which lets you set up an online store to sell your products. As an e-commerce business you wouldn’t want to waste time on figuring out technology and resolving the technical issues. Shopify takes up your tensions and allows you to focus on the much more important aspects of your business. It lets you select your themes and offers an app store with a diverse range of free and paid apps. Apart from that, it also offers mobile e-commerce solution so your customers can access your store on their smartphones and order easily through the mobile app.

How does it work?

Shopify allows other vendors like theme designers, online tools providers who can integrate their services into Shopify making Shopify into a one stop solution for all the tools and services you might need to make it a successful online store. As an eCommerce store, all you need to sell your products is Shopify.

You can organize your products, customize your store, accept credit card payments, track your order, get sales reports and respond to customer queries all with the click of your mouse and the convenience of your home or office. You don’t need to go through the hassle of installing software and it can work with all operating systems. The installation, upgrading, maintenance of software or web servers is carried out by Shopify. Products can be sold via Shopify, credit cards can be stored and payments can be done easily.

Shopify can also integrate the solution with your existing website or a domain name registered with another provider.
Shopify offers three membership plans with a trial offer for 14 days – Basic, Professional and Unlimited. The beneficial features would be obviously offered by professional and unlimited plans. The plans can be monthly or yearly contracts

Ease of Use

Not only is it easy to use for an e-commerce provider, but also for the customers. The Shopify cart is easy to set up and manage and very easy for the customers. Once the store is setup, it takes only minutes to open and create the structure of your site. Like you can preview your blogs, you can also preview your store before it goes online via an editor or online using your credentials.

Payment process

Shopify is compatible with over 70 gateways like Visa, PayPal so it will be easy to set up your credit card and accept payments from customers across the world. Also, Shopify offers its own payment gateway which can integrate with merchant accounts, lets them view payments and enables payment recovery. You can also add another credit card processor apart from the Shopify payment processor.

Customer service and Tech Support

Shopify has a very good customer support and offers many resources like wiki page, discussion forums, expert page. Apart from that, Shopify is easily accessible on Facebook and Twitter.
As a prospective customer, you will never face any problem in your e-commerce store.

Microsoft Officially Released Wearable Fitness Band Just $199


As soon as Google announced its health and fitness app Google Fit, Microsoft announced its band which is compatible with Android phones, Windows phones and iOS phones. Microsoft band will be available throughout North America with introductory price of $ 199. Microsoft fitness band will prove to the best band as it is compatible with all three platforms. Microsoft band has no competitor as only two companies have rolled out their fitness band one is Lenovo and other is Fitbit. We have already learnt that how Google and Apple are dominating health and fitness apps as both platforms rolled out their health and fitness apps in the market. Microsoft’s band will lead the way as it is compatible with all three platforms and will dominate the fitness wearable market for long. Microsoft’s band companion Microsoft health app is available on Windows, Apple and Android phones.
microsoft fitness band

The band is designed in such an ergonomic way that it will track your heart beat, blood pressure level and provides guided workout. It helps in automatic activity counting and embedded with galvanic skin response sensors which can tell if you are wearing it or not and UV sensor to help you decide on whether to apply sunscreen or not. You will receive all the alerts related to emails, calendar and notifications. The band lasts up to 48 hours at a single charge. One the algorithm knows enough about you and your biometrics in a steady state, they will recognize patterns and opportunities to improve your health and fitness. The proactive insights and intelligence engine will differentiate Microsoft Fitness app withAndroid apps , Microsoft band and Microsoft products in the years to come. The band comes with 10 in-built sensors which will measure user’s blood pressure, stress level and sun exposure among other things. The band also displays all the notification from your smart phone. The notifications include emails, calls, text alerts as well as access to Face book, Twitter alongside weather and stock information.
microsoft wearable fitness band

Microsoft has partnered with several fitness tracking app makers including Runkeeper, Map my fitness as well as hardware partners like Jawbone and Starbucks for possible integration. The device will be available in the market at Microsoft stores and company’s website. Apple is planning to roll out its fitness band early next year at price of $ 325. Yusuf Mehdi, Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President of Devices and Services said the idea of bringing band on three platforms is to contribute towards healthy and quality life.

Google Released Fit App Poised to take on Apple’s Healthkit


It seems like fitness app war has taken the android and iOS market by storm. After Apple’s Health kit Google introduced its fitness app Google Fit. Google Fit is a standalone fitness app that let users track their fitness goals. The app catches all the physical activities as well as supports third party app integrations and android wear devices as well. You can also use it on your smart watch as it will help to integrate third party app and gives better result.

Google Fit app was announced in June, Google fit app is a set of APIs that permits developers to combine data for deeper insights. The app is designed for health enthusiastic people who want to keep their body healthy and fit. The app uses sensors that are already built in your android apps developers smart phones to capture your heart beat, blood circulation and other physical activities. The app tracks all your movements from cycling, walking, running and biking throughout the day. You can connect Google Fit to your existing Google account that acts as central dashboard for tracking fitness and health goals. The app was announced shortly after the launch of Apple’s Health kit.
Google-fitness app
Third party app developers are very excited and anxious about Google and Apple is joining the race to capture fitness data. Many health and fitness apps are planning to support both platforms, rather choosing one over the other. Health kit opened up its platform to developers with few key app partners such as Adidas, Nike and Withings. All three companies are partners with Google Fit. RunKeeper has already joined Google however it didn’t make any official announcement to join hands with Apple. Another fitness app giant controlling the major market in health and fitness apps (Fitbit) is trying to provide its services to both platforms.

A good reason for consumers to rejoice as they all get good integrated health and fitness apps. Google fit has opened a door for third party app developers as the market is no more dominated by Apple’s Health kit. All users are required to do is download and install the app on their phone, and sign-in with their Google account. Users can access the data on phone, tablet and on the web. Believe me it is the best app that will fetch information to provide a broader view of your fitness.

How to Choose a Payment Gateway in a Mcommerce App

Mcommerce app

When you are looking for a payment gateway in a mcommerce app it is important for you to be aware of certain facts and not rush through your decision. Payment gateways are an important bridge between the customer and the bank for the transfer of funds to the website or app owner via a bank verification process.

Today, the customer has no time to visit the service provider for products and so with the help of bank supported internet payments, the task of money transfer has become a smooth one thanks to the presence of these payment gateways. Shopping has become a seamless affair and customers love doing it from the comforts of any place without physically stepping out.

Payment Gateway Method

Filter by Price

Tips For Choosing A Payment Gateway For Your Mcommerce App –

If you are a mcommerce owner and are looking for the right payment gateway, you should be aware of certain steps that will help you make the right decision. There are many payment gateways in the market and sometimes the task of getting the right one for your needs can be really confusing. The following are some easy practical tips via which you can get a payment gateway for your mcommerce app without hassles at all-

Ascertain Your Individual Needs- When you are looking for the right payment gateway for your app, it is very important for you to first access your requirements and needs of your app first. The needs of two app owners cannot be the same. The payment gateway should match the needs so that you do not face obstacles and other associated delays in fund transfers in the future.

Check the features offered- When you are going in for the ideal payment gateway for your mcommerce app, it is important for you to check whether the former supports the latest technologies. This is a vital aspect that you should never ignore. The online market and mcommerce is very dynamic as a platform. Customers are savvy and they expect you to provide quick and prompt transfer of funds when they buy your app.

Opt For Free Analysis and Consultation- There are some reliable and trusted payment gateway providers that give you the advantages of free analysis and consultation. You should opt for them and compare the features of a few payment gateways before you make the ultimate choice. This will give you an insight into the services and the solutions that are offered.

Integration & Implementation- The integration and the implementation of the payment gateway should be a simple and hassle-free one. Check and clarify any doubts with the service provider so that you do not face issues in the near future.

Therefore, with the aid of the above tips, the task of searching for the right payment gateway for your mcommerce app is not a tough one. You should shop comparison and check reviews before you make the final choice. With the aid of research and time, you effectively can get the perfect payment gateway for your mcommerce app and face no hassles at all.

Summary- This article provides you the tips on how to choose the right payment gateway for your mcommerce app without hassles at all.

Google Releases Android Lollipop, Nexus 6 Smartphone, Nexus 9 Tablet


Google has finally release Android L and as expected called it “Lollypop” Lollypop is going to debut on 3 new devices of Nexus only. Later this month will be released for other devices. The detailed features of Lollypop have been released by Google, and are as follows:-


This was the most demanded features among the android users and many third party apps were there to suffice this. Lollypop, however has added some more to it. Now the notifications can be seen on the lock screen without the need of opening the device. Notifications have become more interactive, and can be seen in as cards on the screen. The most unexpected feature is of this segment is that now you don’t need to leave the running app to see the notification; you can directly work on the notification with the current app running on the screen, a perfect example of multi tasking.

Material Design:

This is one of the major changes in android since Ice-cream sandwich. The User Interface is now a lot smoother, graphically rich, and responsive along with rich animated touch feedback including new ripple effect. This is a revolutionary in UI of mobile devices.

Other Features:

Besides these two most awaited features Android has introduced new feature in interpreter which will enable users to switch between DalviK and ART. ART also provides significant boost to performance of the device, and battery life. This new performance capability will help reach a PC-level high graphic capability for the future devices.

For developers, project Volta is a feature that will provide detailed information on how different processes are hogging battery. This Battery Saver app will close all but the most essential apps helps using battery at optimal level.

The security update have been introduced which is a big step against any kind of theft. With Android L, google has launched updates for 3000 new APIs to work with like the new camera api, DNG support, Bluetooth 4.1, A/V codec and many more.

Microsoft launches Skype Qik instant video messaging app for iOS, Android and Windows Phones

microsoft skype qik

Microsoft acquired Skype has launched a new app for instant video messaging called “Skype Qik”. The app is available on Android and windows store and have similar functionality to its parent app Skype, Snapchat and Vine.

As compared to its predecessor, Skype Qik is built, keeping in mind the trends popular among teenagers. The app has instant messaging service yet has intimate connectivity option like short video messages. The length of the video is limited by maximum 42 seconds. Another unique feature is that the user can send 5 second video as “gif” format which makes app simple yet fast. Unlike traditional login of Skype account, the user can login using phone number and can chat with people in the contact book, which is a great feature for those who does not want to create a new account in order to use this app.

One of the great features included as part of their simple and fast approach is that the videos will be automatically deleted after 2 weeks; however user can delete them at their will also. The user will have full control over their Qik contact list and can manage whom to choose from their phone contact list.
The app is currently available for Android and Windows phone only but soon going to release for iOS too.

Dropbox ‘Hacked’ – Seven Million Accounts Hacked

dropbox hadbeen hacked

The news of hacking dropbox accounts have surfaced this morning, which is a surprise for not only individuals but also for mobile apps development companies who rely upon dropbox for their day to day data storage. However, the company has denied this by stating that the accounts which have been compromised are actually expired and have been leaked by a third party services.



Exact statement issued by the Dropbox:

“Dropbox has not been hacked. These usernames and passwords were unfortunately stolen from other services and used in attempts to log in to Dropbox accounts. We’d previously detected these attacks and the vast majority of the passwords posted have been expired for some time now. All other remaining passwords have been expired as well.”

This morning, a thread on Reddit surfaced online which contained some links to “Pastebin” files that allegedly contains the many usernames and passwords to dropbox accounts. The hackers however didn’t put away all the accounts but hundreds and offer more in exchange of Bitcoins. They claimed to have massive 7 million accounts information with them.

While it’s not confirmed whether the message is a real threat or not, as a precautionary measure, we advise all to update their passwords.




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