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Features of Drupal 8 and expected release.


Drupal is an integrated online content development and management framework used to design web contents. It has enabled some of the busiest website on internet and could adapt to any template. Ever since its introduction the application has released 7 versions. If industry rumours are to be believed, the next version Drupal 8 is expected to be released soon.

The technological experts are expecting some advanced and unique features.

Some of the features that Drupal 8 would offer are:

1) Solutions over the Mobile:-

Drupal 8 is expected to supportive of solutions over the mobile i.e. the application will help the mobile apps developers manage and maintain the content development on the go. The administrator could make the changes using their mobile.

2) Multi- Language Support:-

The new application would support languages used across the globe. This would make the application more users friendly and would also expand the user base. Drupal 8 could do the translation using the inbuilt interface, creating pages with language display and software translation update directly from Drupal.

3) Easy Management of Configuration:-

Configuration management is to keep a record of all activities related to changes in the coding of the webpage. The developer can take a snapshot of overall configuration at a specific interval of time. Drupal 8 has file based management system that make will help in easy transfer of data; keep the data in files, separate developer and production data etc.

4) Instant and Built in web service:-

Drupal 8 has inbuilt web service which means it would serve as a data source or could help in post back using Drupal. It would also support authentication of a client with http (authentication), Jason or XML content could be exposed and many more things could be done using Drupal 8.

5) UUID’s- Universally Unique Identification:-

Drupal 8 would support Universal Unique ID’s, it would streamline the development and support easy migrations. In the early version Drupal have ids for taxonomy terms and other contents thus maintenance was a bit of tedious work for the developers.

6) View in Core :-

It is one of the most awaited s which was missing in all the previous versions of Drupal. View in core would help to make the changes in the original content and view it rather than creating a new file to make changes which was then uploaded to replace the original file.
7) Upgraded Content Authorizing Procedure:-

The latest version of Drupal 8 would support inline changes or editing. What this means is that the content could be changed directly on the page rather than the traditional time taking method. However, the traditional step to authorize changes to the existing page would still be available for the developers.

8) Fast and better:-

The latest version of Drupal 8 would provide a better user experience. Most of the unused modules like Blog, Dashboard, opinion polls etc. have been removed that has made the applications fast. New themes have also been loaded in the application, which are easy and quick to be used.

Released Drupal 8 :-

Drupal 8 is now available to its users for testing it online. The developers have already started to utilise its stable API and upgrade features for developing more customized web pages. However, using it for live sites and experiencing the stable Drupal is only possible by summer 2015.

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