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Google Fit Now Supports Nike+ Running App

Nike+-Running App

We all knew that Nike+ is fully integrated or compatible with Google Fit. Google said at the launch of their Google Fit that Nike+ will be there confirmed partners for integrating the fitness data to Google Fit. It is a good way to integrate all fitness data to one platform. Nike + also provides Coach Facility which incorporates a training program with a built in expert system that provides you with daily objectives and workouts.

With the release of Google Fit, a health tracking platform developed by Google, we knew the third party app developers will going to benefit it in long run. Before going further we must provide some insight about Google Fit and will talk about Nike+ app.

Google fit

Google Fit App is a single set of APIs (Application Programming Interface) that blends data from multiple apps and devices. Google Fit is announced just after the release of Apple iOS 8 Healthkit and Google Fit is considered as their direct competitors. We are not sure who will win the fitness apps war; however the competition is going to next level. It was considered that many partners will join Google Fit app to make all fitness apps come together on same platform. Partners include Nike, HTC, LG, Withings, Motorola, Noom, Runtastic, RunKeeper and Polar.


Nike+ Running App being the confirmed partner of Google Fit provided the list of handsets it will work on; the list includes Motorola Moto X, LG Next 5, Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5. Nike+ running app is an app which is designed for healthy lifestyle, an app which tracks on you running movement and will count your heart beat. Nike+ running app is designed to track your runs and provide useful guidance to help you achieve running goals and improve your performance. It is designed for everyone from amateur to a professional marathon athlete.

All you need to use the app is to sign in and you can use the running community which is something like a social networking. You can easily compare your runs with your colleagues and friends and you can achieve desired result. The mobile application includes the ability to give you a power song as an in-run pep-talk. The application works regardless if you are running on the streets or on a treadmill. The clever feature of the app is that it also tracks your distance, speed and time through GPS and accelerometer. Looking forward for more updated on fitness apps and fitness wearing gadgets.

Nike states in the change notes:

“To connect your Nike+ account with Google Fit, upgrade to the latest version of the Nike+ running app and follow the automatic connection prompts. Connecting to Google Fit is optional and may be turned on/off in your application Settings.”

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