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Google Released Fit App Poised to take on Apple’s Healthkit


It seems like fitness app war has taken the android and iOS market by storm. After Apple’s Health kit Google introduced its fitness app Google Fit. Google Fit is a standalone fitness app that let users track their fitness goals. The app catches all the physical activities as well as supports third party app integrations and android wear devices as well. You can also use it on your smart watch as it will help to integrate third party app and gives better result.

Google Fit app was announced in June, Google fit app is a set of APIs that permits developers to combine data for deeper insights. The app is designed for health enthusiastic people who want to keep their body healthy and fit. The app uses sensors that are already built in your android apps developers smart phones to capture your heart beat, blood circulation and other physical activities. The app tracks all your movements from cycling, walking, running and biking throughout the day. You can connect Google Fit to your existing Google account that acts as central dashboard for tracking fitness and health goals. The app was announced shortly after the launch of Apple’s Health kit.
Google-fitness app
Third party app developers are very excited and anxious about Google and Apple is joining the race to capture fitness data. Many health and fitness apps are planning to support both platforms, rather choosing one over the other. Health kit opened up its platform to developers with few key app partners such as Adidas, Nike and Withings. All three companies are partners with Google Fit. RunKeeper has already joined Google however it didn’t make any official announcement to join hands with Apple. Another fitness app giant controlling the major market in health and fitness apps (Fitbit) is trying to provide its services to both platforms.

A good reason for consumers to rejoice as they all get good integrated health and fitness apps. Google fit has opened a door for third party app developers as the market is no more dominated by Apple’s Health kit. All users are required to do is download and install the app on their phone, and sign-in with their Google account. Users can access the data on phone, tablet and on the web. Believe me it is the best app that will fetch information to provide a broader view of your fitness.

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