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Microsoft launches a new web version of Skype


Good news for all the users of Skype, now you can enjoy video call on Skype through web. Microsoft on Friday quoted, “now all users can use Skype through web”. It is great news for all the users as using Skype through web will not use any Web application to be downloaded and using Skype through web will become very convenient and easy.


Web application


With this achievement Microsoft provides many benefits to users which are as follows:-

Instant access: Skype has been breaking down barriers to communication for more than a decade by being at forefront of real-time voice and video. It has added a star to his kitty, now everyone can connect to anyone just by opening browser. It can be used on chrome, internet explorer, opera, and Mozilla Firefox browsers. No more need to download Skype application or any other additional application. It will be easier to connect with family, friends, colleagues and clients through web version. Just open the Skype website and enter your login and password and start your call.

Get chatting straight away: Anybody new to Skype can get chatting even faster. Just simply double click on the browser and type on address bar and fill your login details and password and start getting chat. You can start using Skype web without having to download the application.

Connect from anywhere: This will be the best and unique way by which you can get access to Skype from any geography, from any county, from any states or from any place all you need to open and fill your login details and get connected to people. With this ease of feature you can even get yourself connected to people from cyber cafes and other internet surfing places. It can be opened in any browser of your choice.

Enjoy voice, video and messaging on With Skype web you can use the services for video conferencing as it connects the people in real time and provide the facility to talk to your friends and family in real time. Now is your one stop shop for all your video call, voice call, messaging and chatting.

Microsoft is laying emphasis on providing Real Time Communications on the web application in a reality, but it will take some time to provide this kind of Real Time Communication on web. To start using Skype services on web it will require some additional plug in and it will be available for few users for now. At last we thank to Microsoft for making RTC possible through web.

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