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mobile app development frameworks Top 7 Mobile App Development Frameworks


Smart phones have added to the dynamism of technology usage by regular people.

A new industry has cropped up as result of Smart phones and that is mobile application development industry. Unlike web application and website development, application development for mobiles demands greater concern such as smaller space and bandwidth limitations. Besides, mobile application developers have to assess what kind of application is appropriate for what purpose. There are responsive websites that are compatible with both PCs and mobile phones. Still, certain sites are made separately for both kinds of devices. Similarly, there are hybrid applications that are compatible with multiple mobile OS while others are native applications that are exclusively developed for specific platforms. To top that all, mobile application market is highly competitive. So, developers cherish external tools that help in development of such web applications that can be accessed through mobiles phones. So, here are top 7 mobile app development frameworks.

J Query Mobile: J Query Mobile is touch-optimized mobile applications development framework. Applications created with it can be run on mobile OS like Android and iOS. J Query and J Query UI is the foundation of this framework. Its codes are lightweight and can be easily themed. There are numerous built-in tools that assist in development of appealing applications with quite solid functionality. The applications built on it are quite robust and work fast. Vast documentation that is available with J Query Mobile makes it easy to understand.

Kendo UI: Kendo UI is a beautiful J Query framework. It has its specific support for .NET, JAVA and PHP for server side communication as well as it supports MVVM. Its template support is excellent and every template has look and feel of native OS. However, fee is charged for commercial application development with this framework.

Sencha Touch: Sencha Touch framework is fast and beautiful, supports MVC and has really impressive documentation. It also has commercial IDE and commercial license, so, developers have to pay for commercial applications.

Titanium Appcelerator: Titanium Appcelerator is pure JavaScript framework that can convert JavaScript into native code. Prototyping application is fast on Appcelerator.

Titanium Mobile Development Environment: Titanium Mobile Development Environment is a highly preferable framework for native mobile application development. Applications developed on this framework can be run on Android and iOS. It has vast API suite and vast developer community. Thus, developers can seek help whenever they get stuck at any point in the development of an application. Camera accessibility and other smart phone features are also supported by Titanium Mobile.

XUI.JS: XUI.JS is development of flexible and robust applications with support for event handling and AJAX. It supports application development for mobile OS as well as specific web browsers. Extensive documentation and large users’ community ensure that developers have ready help available whenever they get stuck in the course of development.

Zepto.JS: Zepto.JS is among the pioneer frameworks for mobile application development. It is smaller yet faster than J Query and has similar architecture. It is light and smooth but slows down in DOM manipulation.

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