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What are the Java 9 new interesting features that are helpful for developers?

java 9 Features

Java 8 arrived in early 2014 to a lot of fanfare and was launched for new additions and JavaScript on the JVM via Nashorn. Not everything about Java 8 was perfect and Oracle has already begun working on the next version of Java to enhance the performance and provide more amazing features to the developers.

Java 9 based on java standard edition 9 is expected on the beginning of early 2016 which will include changes in performance, new capabilities and a new feature – Modularity. While the list of features to be included are still tentative but the features might be postponed to a later date. Confirmed or not, the expected features are worth liking and here is a preview of the most interesting proposals of Java 9.

1. Highly anticipated – Modularity:-

Modularity is one of the most hyped Java 9 features which is inspired by Project Jigsaw. Although it was expected to be introduced in Java 8, it was postponed to be introduced to Java 9. Modularity will make the JDK source code reorganized into modules and scalable to other devices.

Modularity will also improve the security and performance of the java projects and it will be easy for developers to develop and manage the libraries. Developers can make use of this feature to create jar files which can be customized as per the project requirements.


Lightweight JSON API is an inclusion of JSON directly in Java 9 as earlier there were no methods to handle it. It will provide the most commonly needed functionalities and utilize the features offered by Java library and version 8, 9. IT will be used directly through java.util

3. Process API Updates:-

Java 9 introduces Process API update to control and manage the operating system processes. As of now, developers need to use native code and this feature will overcome this problem.

4. Segmented code cache:-

Java 9 will introduce this feature to divide code cache to enhance performance. Instead of having single code, code will be segmented into individual code segments containing code of the same type.

5. Smart Java compilation Phase 2 :-

Java 9 will improve the sjavac compiler tool which can be used by default in the JDK build. It can be generalized to be used in large projects other than JDK.

6. Money and Currency API:-

In Java 8, Date and Time API were introduced and now Java 9 brings the Money and Currency API to perform or represent calculations related to money and currency.

7. Cloud- optimized JVM:-

This feature will make use of the existing cloud features and java virtual machine (JVM) will be cloud optimized which will make deployments of Java based projects in the cloud easier What else to expect?

• Unified JVM logging
• Compiler control
• Datagram Transport Layer Security
• HTML5 Javadoc
• HTTP 2 client
• Project Kulla – REPL in Java
• Improved contended locking

Java 9 will offer a myriad features which will prove beneficial for the developers, if they know where to look and how to make best use of the new feature.. Developers can also access the early access builds of Java 9 on the java website.

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