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What should Enterprise business apps developers expect from the iPhone 6 and iOS 8


With the launch of iOS 8 and iPhone 6, Apple has captured the imagination of people. Like with other iPhones, iPhone 6 is also likely to be adopted by the enterprise and iOS 8 has several features which can help in enterprise development. In terms of security and productivity, iOS 8 is much better, you can see some changes in apps like calendar, mail, app extensions and various API kits which will definitely help the iPhone developers to integrate their apps with others and share in a better way.

Here we are going to discuss the best features of iOS 8 which are beneficial for developers:-

Security:– Several new features are offered which target iOS customers like

• Pass code protection for native apps as well as third party apps,
• Per message S/MIME for Encryption for individual message enabling finer control over mail encryption
• Always on VPN for staying connecting to company’s VPN.
• Content filtering APIs will ensure third party developers can create tools to ensure users cannot access inappropriate content.
• Certificate single sign-on for users to switch easily between enterprise apps.

Productivity – iOS introduces many productivity features in native Mail and Calendar apps.
In iOS mail app, user can mark messages as read or unread or flag them, individual mail threads can be marked as VIP which can help you track updates in the conversation. VIP mails can also appear together in a custom mailbox. In calendar app, users can also check colleagues’ availability for messages and some events can be marked as private. Users can also create recurring calendar events and send meeting invites from calendar directly.

With Continuity, Apple enables users to work seamlessly among their iOS 8 and MAC OS X Yosemite devices. So if you were creating a document on your iPhone, you can pick it up on your MacBook where you had left it. You can also transfer your files to your mac without any internet connection.

New features in iOS 8 also help the management in various ways:-

• IT administrators and enterprise can design apps to simplify management and user experience.

• Administrators can ensure security by setting device names remotely, preventing users to add their own restrictions or disable users to reset their devices or restrict opening of documents specific to their company on another apps. This feature ensures confidential documents remain only in the device and they cannot shared by users by any other file sharing app.

IT can also control which apps can open documents from iCloud. File management is secure and the documents related to company can be tagged and saved in a specific place.

New API Kits:- Apple has launched all new API kit like Photokit, Healthkit and Homekit.

Extensibility, Notification Center widget, Third-party keyboards, CloudKit, TouchID integration are the other features introduced in iOS 8.

Apple Pay:-

With iPhone 6, 6 plus and iOS, Apple has also ventured into contactless payment using NFC. The credit card details can be stored in passbook and customers can pay directly at stores and authenticate the payment using TouchID.

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