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Tanzanite Infotech has entered in the realm of internet world with a vision to provide impeccable services by leveraging the world class technology, topmost quality, handiness to all our clients.Read More


Our dedicated employees are happy to assist you with know-how and experience in your daily business.

Android Application Development

Android app development
Every Enterprise or organizations wants a ground-breaking Android Application for their clients, people or associates. If you desire a magnificent android app then Tanzanite InfoTech it’s the best suit for you.

At Tanzanite InfoTech our ambition is to evolve high-tech mobile software by merging our skills with the enthusiasm to providing preeminent services to our clients. We comprehend the growth of android as greatest mounting mobile platforms and striving to drive it to its highest level. Being a leading android application development company, Tanzanite InfoTech has been providing quality android development services to its clients..

What makes us Top android application Development Company-

  •  Employment of Android 4.0 SDK –   we used the advanced technology to leverage our customer best of services
  •   Dynamic and scalable application – our experts are efficiently equipped to make scalable and flexible applications according to the clients need.
  •  Language Expertise –   Our prominent experts have proper knowledge of all the programming languages for your probable clients. We are here to create a perfect solution for all the needs of our clients.
  •  Flawless Communications – our communication mediums are open all the time that connects you with the perfect team of experts to resolve the intricacy and improve the development of project
  • Maintenance and debugging – Our personnel is enthusiastic to offer our clients the fastest application maintenance and efficient debugging services.
  •  Cost-effectiveness – We are a customer driven organization which work l for our clients and strive to keep our cost as per quality and clients requirements.
  •  Client’s choice’s on developer– We provide the unique provision to our valuable clients of choosing their developer according to their comfort for the betterment of the services.

We are here to create these for our valuable clients-

  • Business/Office Apps
  • Entertainment Apps
  • 2D/3D Games Apps
  • Travel Apps
  • Communication Apps
  • Security/Banking Apps
  • GPS Navigation Apps
  • Utility Apps
  • Multimedia Apps
  • Social Media Apps

We have the team of dedicated professionals who have the specialized android development knowledge to stir up industrial enhancement as well as market trends. It’s a right place to hire best android app developers



Game Development

Game Development Company

Game is a boundary full of optimistic icons that patronize us to repeat liveliness and sparkle in somewhat MAD globe that we survive in today’s world. If we can do something to revive our mind, then game development is considered widely as a finest suitable thing.  Mobile gaming development is a unique form which should not be considered as mobile game development large number of companies fail to recognizing this concept but Tanzanite InfoTech has well equipped with desired knowledge and possess the power to bring out creative and appealing games for multifarious platforms such smart phone mobiles i.e., android, iOS platform, unity 3D, and much more.

Our role in iOS gaming development

Our dedicated professionals are giving their best to elicit the better results for our IOS users.  Our company is working ceaselessly to increase users gaming experience and offer them superiority of touch interface, radiating HD display and composite gesture based procedures that patronize us stands out in the market .

Here are some of the tactics applied by us

  • We contain the power of building mobile game development from scratch as well as from exiting engines
  • We create the games which elicit interest of the user.
  •  Most up-to-date iPhone gimmicks are more motion based contributing enormous procedures.

What we do in android game development-

The proficient and dedicated professionals of Tanzanite InfoTech have the skills to provide gaming experience on Android gimmicks which offers futuristic advanced effects like immense HD display, excellent touch input attached with complex formed procedure and compatible amid different Android devices including a function of playing android game on smart television.We stand with highly specialized android game developer who can leverage you the best gaming experience.

Our role in Unity 3D game development

Our experts use unity 3d which leads to the creation of one of the finest game for our clients.  It offers ample range of game development procedures all around the computer and devices.  The enthused teams of tanzanite InfoTech are well-equipped for the efficient use of unity 3d game development to give an excellent experience and results to our users.


We maintain high quality in all the gaming development provided by us whether it’s related to making designs, conceptualizing the client’s vision and requirements, and creating a game design according to the requirements and needs of our clients.

Mobile Sites Development

Mobile Web Development
We have observed the supremacy of the mobile in today’s world and developed the meticulous created measures to renovate the latent of mobile influence in the favors of our clients.

Mobile has developed hype in today’s era, everything is possible with just a click from your phone, and whole world is in your reach with it just with a single click. This also makes mobile a very important source of business.

Before our clients reach out to the conclusion of getting a mobile app we made them analyze little perspective regarding requirements –

  • Will they along with their customer get benefited with the mobile app in the same time?
  • Will it help them in providing a better customer services?
  • How their customers will access the information related to their business?

What we do for our valuable clients in the area of mobile website development-

We have all the all in one solution for all your problems. At Tanzanite InfoTech we leverage all tremendous  range of mobile website development services for different kinds of platforms such as android development for I pad, I phone , android ,blackberry and also with windows mobile. We are here to provide the best solutions of our client’s problems and to initiate new methods of evolving the paramount meticulous prepared mobile responsive websites.

Being a Customer oriented company; our professionals are completely dedicated with enthusiasm to elicit the vision of our clients in the reality.  Tanzanite InfoTech has the professional acumen to create finest responsive website design and development whilst considering all the requirements of our clients.

We don’t only create the services which help our client demeanor their respective businesses but also we have the proficiency to generate flawlessly in mobile website designing which gives the customers of our clients a supreme representation of the mobile app and leads to spectacular lead in their businesses.

Why we are the best choice when it comes to mobile website designing-

Top-quality production – we believe in creating the art in all the work we take, that’s the reason why our dedicated professional elicits the preeminent output every time.

High-tech use of technology– our technology is always up-to-the-minute advanced in the lights of today’s development which makes us unsurpassed in this field.

Deliver on Time – we comprehend the needs and the vision of the client not only in the letter but in spirit too. We conceptualize the vision of the client and shape it in reality in the stipulated time.

Effective customer support –   our professional’s experts are always here to resolve our clients hassle with in no time.

Post-project support at free of cost – We value our clients and maintain a professional relationship by providing them lifetime support without cost.

Implausibly low Cost – We as a customer driven association offer the best combo of finest services within your range. Our quality plus low cost make us stand out from rest of the market.

Being a revolutionary company, Tanzanite InfoTech works with a highly specialized them which not only provide the quality but also the unique creativity which leads our clients to create a Winning-streak in today’s world.

QA Testing Services

Quality Analyst Testing Services
Quality analysis proves out as a crucial means for the enhancement of the mobile applications which cannot be ignored as it decide the main success of the relevant app.  Testing is considered as one of the most important component in the inclusive software development procedure which patronizes our developers to assess the quality of the software.
Quality analysis consumes more than 50% of efforts of our experts which makes it one of most significant factor to be considered.
The core reason of utilizing the concept of quality analysis in the Tanzanite InfoTech is difficulty caused due to product failure. Earlier one bad customer experience of any relevant field May it be business or product would used to spread by word of mouth and would come out to limited number of prospective customers. Its social media like face book, twitters, Whatsapp, who has mounted the celerity of word of mouth more than the celerity of light to the zillions of people out there.  Imagine one bad feedback of your app on the app store and how ceaselessly it affect other people who are about to use the app you have created. That leads our dedicated pools of professionals to elicit state of the art advanced websites and apps which lack any kind of error and which prove satisfactory to the clients.

Mobile testing of Tanzanite InfoTech-

Tanzanite InfoTech steadily understand that their desired audience is being dynamic along the globe. Not only in the terms of prominent tendency to browse internet through mobile devices, people are also implementing multifarious apps and games in one go.

We have included mobile testing as an important strategy for the development of apps and websites. It patronizes us to maintain a certain level of confidence amid all our developers that the apps created by us will stand out exceptionally in the field is expected to.

Services Offered by Tanzanite InfoTech in the Field of Quality analysis-

Widespread Testing –  At Tanzanite InfoTech we leverage an ample range of mobile testing services. We are not only limited to our testing range to just one device or visual resolution rather we scrutinize the mobile app through multifarious devices, screen sizes ,  hardware and operating systems. We ensure the proper function of an app at numerous devices.

Complete Overview – we provide a surety to our clients by doing the full fledged examination of the app in relation to the compatibility, usability, performance, scalability

 Focused – we are completely enthralled for tendering our single mindedly devotion of mobile testing services in the favor of the user of our services.

Unique Expertise – we lay our services to multifarious platforms and devices. We leverage iPhone and android testing web apps testing containing native as well as hybrid apps testing.

Web Development

Web Design & Development
The ideal website development is entirely related to creating a website from scratch to the vision which includes formation of conceptualization & designing the graphics of a project, developing content, generating front as well as back ends, as well efficiently testing , organizing and preserving a project.

Tanzanite InfoTech has all the latent related to development of website which makes us a most desirable choice in for all kinds of website development. We leverage the finest techniques to create even the highly complex web based applications of the internet, social networking platform along with the electronics business.  Our experts are highly dedicated to create those apps, websites which patronize your clients to reach out their target audience.  It’s a known thing that a good concept loses all the charm if not represented well, here we leverage the excellent techniques and proven reliable methods which leads to the generation of ideal products which matched with clients necessities and aids them stand out and succeed in their respective business.

E-Commerce website development services –

Stunning presentation, Realistic effects .The world is getting mobile with very fast pace, almost everything is taken over by the internet whether it’s booking tickets for travel or to doing shopping at E-Commerce websites. Well, it came out as a blessing for today’s busy world which not only provide you the opportunity to buy the required stuff but also leverage you the necessary product information , price details , review from other buyers  with the aid of few clicks. These features are not even available at the real time shopping.

At Tanzanite InfoTech we present some of the experts developers who are efficient to build marvelous e commerce website development services which not only get to the desired level of audience but also patronize our clients to realize their goals.

THINGS ACCOMPLISH by our website development company-

Our website development company basically complies with subsequent steps in the improvement of the web pages-

  • Conceptualization of needs of clients and collection of information to evaluate details
  • Wire framing plus Designing
  • Development of the task
  • Appropriate testing by our highly specialized Quality Analyst team
  • Desired User Acceptance Test (UAT)
  • Effective Organizing of task

 Services presented by our web design company-

At Tanzanite Infotech we tender an ample range of services for our prospective customers which are-

  • E-Commerce development
  • Social networking
  • Educational applications
  • Online discussion forms
  • Interactive Games
  •  Efficient content management system
  •  Joomla Web development
  •  Finest Word press web development
  • Open Source Customization
  • Project management applications
  • Magento Commerce development
  • Ruby on- Rails Development
  • X-cart web development
  • Drupal CMS Development

We being a customer driven company present our services in such meticulous manner which makes us our clients to rekindle to us with more efficient tasks. Possessing the efficient dedicated team, latest trends of designs, Dynamic and creative approaches are the key of Tanzanite Infotech.


iOS App Development

iOS app development

iOS development is a unique mobile operating system with act as a power source for the iPhone and iPads. Apple is the pioneering industry who has evolved the concept of iOS.
iOS offers a world class experience which is more simple, useful and enjoyable as well as it provide the easiest handling features to its users as they starts to operate this and also considered as an example of exclusivity created by apple in all of its products to its clients.

iPhone Application Development

iPhone has become hype in today’s era and so is the iPhone application development.  Apple has transfigured the market of handheld computing.  At Tanzanite InfoTech we leverage complete iPhone application development combos from the primitive designs phase to organization, preservation in the back-end support. Our dedicated professionals in the iPhone application development services deliver application in minimal time. We are also specialized in tendering the professional expertise in graphics designing and 2/3D animations.

iPad application development

iPad is an exclusive platform for all the people who are seeking ways to promote their apps.  Its charismatic appearance and performance in the market has a major role in keeping alive iPad application development.
iPad application development offers our clients the supremacy to generate enthralling surroundings for their targeted customers.

At Tanzanite InfoTech we present the some marvelous services which are– 

  • Communication and social networking
  • Games and Entertainment
  • Amplified Reality
  • GPS and Maps
  • Media streaming
  • Business

What makes our iOS apps developers finest-

One should select us due to following reasons –

Skill – our experts are equipped with all the latest trends in apps and are endlessly enhancing themselves in the light of emerging trends in the era of app development.

Customize apps -We offer a complete wonderful solution of their desire under one place i.e. Tanzanite InfoTech.

Experience – Majority of our iOS apps developers having the long term experience in handling diverse platforms in apps development.

Deeper understanding – Our dedicated team has the esteem of developing more than 200 beautifully iOS application in the harmony of the qualifications of our clients.

Why Tanzanite InfoTech is a perfect choice for iOS apps development-

The qualities which made us finest choice are-

Apple store standards –Our iOS apps development company respect the principles of the pioneering company apple.

Cost effective – We provide our clients all the solutions at the unbelievable costs that they always remain with us.

One Place for all – Our applications are created, developed and tested in our desired place.

Latest framework –    We utilize ultra modern frameworks for the rapid development of both us and our clients’ needs.

The Usp and services of our experts has made us a wonderful platform for iOS application development, iPhone application development as well as iPad application development.  It made us what clients seeks.





To give Quality, Convenience and world class Technology, these are the very things that define us.







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