Being a pioneer company in all the services like mobile application development, web development and much more our aims is to generate some of the exclusive superior range of services as we are highly concerned about the success of our clients.

our dyed in wool experts possess some exceptional capabilities with years of experience and well defined approach towards clients made us come with best services with minimum time. Our developers have effectively produced more than 200 apps and endlessly enhancing their skill.

We pursue the AGILE methodology which portrays our leading position in today’s global world. It ensures completion of our tasks in minimal time without compromising a bit from the qualities provided by us.

Our Philosophy it to give Quality, Convenience and world class Technology, these are the very things that define us.

We excel in varied sectors of the website design development and offer our finest services in these sectors-

  • Mobile application development – we comprehend the mobility of mobile application development whether it is related to develop a gathered requirement based application or Nurturing the business idea to solidify it into a mobile application product.
  • iOS- our dedicated pools of professionals are well equipped in dealing with diverse range of iOS apps development and have created ample range of apps in the same respective field. We use Xcode, swift, ReactNative and many other programming tools depending upon the application/Requirement.
  • Android – we have analysed the android market and proven our services in ample variety as per needs of the clients. We develop application using Core Java, ReactNative or other platforms as per the client requirements.
  • Web Application development – Our company believes in offering the finest services including website development, web application web services/API development. We have expertise in PHP development, MEAN Stack development, Python development along with database development.
  • Quality Assurance and Application Testing – 

    Quality analysis proves out as a crucial means for the enhancement of the mobile applications which cannot be ignored as it decide the main success of the relevant app. Testing is considered as one of the most important component in the inclusive software development procedure which patronizes our developers to assess the quality of the software. Quality analysis consumes more than 50% of efforts of our experts which makes it one of most significant factor to be considered.

    The core reason of utilizing the concept of quality analysis in the Tanzanite InfoTech is difficulty caused due to product failure. Earlier one bad customer experience of any relevant field May it be business or product would used to spread by word of mouth and would come out to limited number of prospective customers. Its social media like face book, twitters, Whatsapp, who has mounted the celerity of word of mouth more than the celerity of light to the zillions of people out there. Imagine one bad feedback of your app on the app store and how ceaselessly it affect other people who are about to use the app you have created. That leads our dedicated pools of professionals to elicit state of the art advanced websites and apps which lack any kind of error and which prove satisfactory to the clients.

Strengths of Tanzanite Infotech-

We possess some super strength in terms of knowledge, methodology & process of work, which make us stand out from the rest of the IT company and proves our goal to turn out as one of the reliable IT company around the globe.

  • Quality Providers –

      We never compromise with our quality in any extent and always strive to drive what is beyond expected by our clients. It doesn’t matter whether a company is small or a large organization our quality remains endlessly constant.

  • Customer oriented approach –

     we being a customer driven company always put them in first place. We conceptualize their vision and generate that services which are unmatchable by any other company. This makes our clients remains intact lifelong with us.

  • Cost Effectiveness-

     Tanzanite Infotech offers the marvelous immaculate combo of paramount services within most affordable costs. Our impeccable services and exclusive strengths patronizes us stand out and make us ideal for all quaint kinds of services exists in the era of internet world.

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