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Fundraising with LoyaltyFunding is simple, automatic and doesn't cost you anything more than you would already spend each month on your groceries, gas and coffee purchases. You simply set up a monthly subscription to receive gift cards to the retailers you already normally shop with. The payment will be automatically taken out each month and you will receive your cards in the mail. You pay exactly the same amount as the value of the cards you receive.

Gift Cards for the LoyaltyFunding program are provided by Community Charity Services (CCS). With more than 13 years of experience providing fundraising solutions for Canadian charities, the team at CCS is ready to serve you in your fundraising needs.

Community Charity Services of Canada (CCS) was founded to serve the emerging fundraising and fund development needs of Canada’s charities. As a social enterprise, we are aware of the ever-growing focus on the need for charities to find innovative ways to raise new revenue due to mounting donor fatigue and declining government program assistance.

CCS’s management has over 20 years collective experience in helping non-profit and NGOs (non-government organizations) target and achieve their fundraising objectives through innovative programming and event management.

We are the only gift card provider that provides direct home delivery of your order without additional charges. Home delivery of each order eliminates the extensive time and effort required by your volunteers in collecting and distributing orders.

Another unique benefit of LoyaltyFunding is that you are able to support your favorite cause and receive a charitable tax receipt for the donation generated by participating in our gift card program. So not only are you generating a benefit for your favorite cause, but you are also gaining a benefit at tax time.

Use the app to purchase gift cards for use in stores you frequent and support causes you care about in the process!


1. Purchase a gift card.

2. Select a charity.

3. Securely pay with your credit card.

4. Then enjoy the convenience of pre-paid cards when you shop!

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