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How to Select Company for Your Startup Business Mobile App

So, you are a startup and have hit the idea of coming up with a path breaking mobile application that is going to revolutionize the world and maybe you are also looking to seek some funding. However, your concern is not about the funding part, but more around finding the right team who can help you in executing this project.

A logical decision will be to look out for a company who is an expert in mobile application development and can render this service to you and help you achieve your objective. Furthermore, outsourcing mobile application development will help you to focus on other areas of your business, while the partner will focus on building the solution.

However, today the market is flooded with companies who claim to be the best in business. Hence, it becomes even more difficult for startups to select the right partner who can under their vision and help in delivering the solution on time. So, how to choose the right partner for you? Let us look at some guidelines that will help startups to select the right service provider for your mobile application development requirement.

Choose the partner based on your requirement

Typically, your mobile application development project will fall into one of the following categories:

End-to-End Solution

Most startups prefer to go for a complete solution, right from designing, development and even post roll-out marketing and promotion

Design & Development

In this case startups already have the business specifications in place and they are just looking for development of UI/UX of the solution.Ensure that the service provider is not relying on a bunch of freelancers at their end. That could turn disastrous for the startup.

Only Designing

Startups already have a prototype ready and are just looking for a partner to help in the aesthetic work such as building the user interface and other designing work

Only Development

Startups, those who have their designs for screens ready will rely on their partner in building the solution. Hence, they leverage the development capabilities of companies who specialize in this. However, if time is of the essence, then it is better to go for a full-service company that can provide an end-to-end solution.



Be Extra Cautious in your Selection

According to Clutch ( there are more than 6000 mobile application development companies listed, which clearly indicates that this is a buyer’s market. Whatever is your source for finding out such companies, please be very careful in making a choice. Look out for parameters such as Customer Feedback and Market Presence. There are sites like Clutch or Capterra, who can help you in this process.

Go through Client Feedback

The source from where you pick up names of service providers, also share ratings and client feedback of these mobile application development companies. Ensure you set up a benchmark for these ratings and pick up companies that have fairly a good rating.

Have multiple options

Don’t just keep one company as your option. Have multiple options with you so that you can compare between these choices and go for the one that you feel aligns with your requirement. The one that did not go through a selection criterion can serve as a backup, if need be.

Share Your Vision with Partners

Once you have approached selective set of partners, it is imperative for you to share your vision with them and why do you want to go for a mobile application development with the said concept. Start with high level discussions and then after executing an NDA, start sharing specifics. This will allow your partners to think through and then come up with quotes. Ensure there are few face-to-face meetings as part of this process to gain that trust factor.

Analyzing Quotes

Once you have received quotes from these partners, its time to sit down for a thorough due diligence of each partner and evaluate across all parameters, including price. There are some startups who just consider prices as a factor, which may not be an effective way of making a choice. Do you see a value addition by the partner or is he just a made-to-order kind of an organization?

Once the choice is made, then just take a firm decision and keep a rain check on the progress of your project with the partner.

Remember! You are the owner of the project and not your partner. Be on top of the case and ensure that your mobile application development project is on course to completion on the scheduled time, because it is aligned with your business objectives and decisions.

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