March 28,2018 Tanzanite Infotech


New eCommerce Application for Medicinal Purpose
Presciptti provides complete information about medical cannabis product sold in your country and stores selling them. you can browse the project base on their type and the symptoms for which the products you are looking for. Presciptti support a very large set of symptoms. Prescriptii is bringing science and advanced technology to the medical cannabis industry with the ultimate goal of assisting patients with managing their medical cannabis prescriptions. It is an intuitive mobile application that allows patients to access important information about medical cannabis products, while at the same time provide feedback through surveys about experiences and effectiveness of products. It is an intuitive mobile application where users can:
  • Create personal profiles based on medical conditions to discover strains best suited to symptoms,
  • Toggle on and off ailments and symptoms, to track product effectiveness,
  • Locate cannabis products that have helped patients with similar symptom,
  • Rate and review prescribed products and provide anecdotal feedback
  • Access to product descriptions, reviews, prices and buying locations
  • Interactive maps to find your products
  • Products and stores near you
  • Recommended products and stores as per symptoms of your choice.
  • Favorite products and stores
  • Direction to the desired stores
  • Complete details of every product
  • Complete details of store including the product the sell
Prescriptii uses six core technologies: mobile applications, artificial intelligence, reg tech, smart databases, blockchain and digital reward tokens, to capture and aggregate data to qualify candidates for clinical studies.

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