Mobile Apps have created an unavoidable position in the today’s competitive world. It’s not only an ideal medium to reach out to the zillions of target audience but also contains the proficiency of leveraging premium results in mounting up the success of a respective business. But reaching out to the top notch position in the apps world by attaining the attention of customers is not that easy in today’s dynamic world. User attention is getting ever more expensive, and apple has lately changed the app store ranking algorithm into creation of ratings along with retention. As outcomes, it not only made it harder to elicit the new users but also made it vital for app developers to retain the previous ones. Here we leverage a perfect guide for increasing the mobile application confinement.
Some of the ways which assists you in increasing your mobile application confinement are as follows-
Ideal Compelling Content plays a tremendously imperative role in apps development. It is highly recommended to liberate frequently updates with fresh content. It may happen that customer download your app on the basis of an advertisement, a suggestion, or a search of an app store but once you got the audience to download the app created by you, then will require to glean out ways to keep their attention by leveraging regular updates with exciting levels, amazing function or other scintillating content that makes the customers curious for utilizing your app. It is advisable to keep the content release in a particular defined time limit as both the early and late releases can create a hinder to your app performance.
If you want an unbelievable increase in download rate of your app then making a video of your app is necessity. It is recommended to complete this task by utilizing a professional agency which offers you paramount quality of video editing in inclusion of voice talent. Ensure that your video has the appropriate subtitle in local language
Generate a solid community on the Facebook plus twitter. Relationships are the core reason of mounting the user retention of your app. It is not wrong to say that technology, notifications plus automatic reminders can aide in better retention of app but solely method to keep your customers is forming relationships with them which go beyond the app itself. It can prove out as a boom in retention of customers. There is multifarious instance of the success of an app through social media like angry birds and much more. Keep the bigger picture of forming a paramount app which turned out as a brand and later transform itself into a boarder community.

Suffice utilization of notifications elicits as an immense medium to mount up and retain the customers of your app. Striking an optimum balance amid timing and frequency is vital for their retention. Try quaint options for regularity of communication with a selective assembly of loyal customer and accumulate their feedback. Form sagacious decisions in utilizing varied methods to them this will patronizes you form a personality of your app.
Tremendous amount of traffic on Google play store and app store will go on those apps which leverage money on the basis of Cost-per-Install. It aids you in reaching onto top position in the app stores. It makes the developer to offer certain amount for each install but if it works it leverage exceptional effects in covering all the money’s worth.

Enhancing your exclusive mobile application is not always related to gleaning new customers or purchasing mobile advertising. Sometimes the preeminent method to mount up revenue generated by app is to embrace the customers that you already possess with ideal scheduled retention techniques.

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HL&S ,Hook Line & Sinker, we started with one simple question… “Who’s got time for that?” Were we frustrated with other dating apps? Yes. Were we wanting to take our dating lives into our own hands? Yep. We found a way to bring people together, instantly.
Instead of sitting on an app swiping or answering a million questions to find the perfect match on paper, we challenge you to get up, get out, and see if your person might be just around the corner. Be intentional, get inspired, change your world, and do it with a hook.
How does it work? It’s simple. With Hook Line & Sinker, all you have to do is open up your app and see who is RIGHT around you. What do we mean by RIGHT? 1 mile or less! If you are interested, send them a Hook. Be ready to hangout! If you receive a Hook, you either accept it, save it for later, or if you’re not interested, you sink em’.
It’s easy, fun, and most importantly, it cuts out all of the waiting. At the end of the day, “who’s got time for that?”
Hook Line & Sinker – the way dating should be.


A way to keep your mind at peace

Fundraising with LoyaltyFunding is simple, automatic and doesn’t cost you anything more than you would already spend each month on your groceries, gas and coffee purchases. You simply set up a monthly subscription to receive gift cards to the retailers you already normally shop with. The payment will be automatically taken out each month and you will receive your cards in the mail. You pay exactly the same amount as the value of the cards you receive.

Gift Cards for the LoyaltyFunding program are provided by Community Charity Services (CCS). With more than 13 years of experience providing fundraising solutions for Canadian charities, the team at CCS is ready to serve you in your fundraising needs.

Community Charity Services of Canada (CCS) was founded to serve the emerging fundraising and fund development needs of Canada’s charities. As a social enterprise, we are aware of the ever-growing focus on the need for charities to find innovative ways to raise new revenue due to mounting donor fatigue and declining government program assistance.

CCS’s management has over 20 years collective experience in helping non-profit and NGOs (non-government organizations) target and achieve their fundraising objectives through innovative programming and event management.

We are the only gift card provider that provides direct home delivery of your order without additional charges. Home delivery of each order eliminates the extensive time and effort required by your volunteers in collecting and distributing orders.

Another unique benefit of LoyaltyFunding is that you are able to support your favorite cause and receive a charitable tax receipt for the donation generated by participating in our gift card program. So not only are you generating a benefit for your favorite cause, but you are also gaining a benefit at tax time.

Use the app to purchase gift cards for use in stores you frequent and support causes you care about in the process!


1. Purchase a gift card.

2. Select a charity.

3. Securely pay with your credit card.

4. Then enjoy the convenience of pre-paid cards when you shop!

New eCommerce Application for Medicinal Purpose

Presciptti provides complete information about medical cannabis product sold in your country and stores selling them. you can browse the project base on their type and the symptoms for which the products you are looking for. Presciptti support a very large set of symptoms.
Prescriptii is bringing science and advanced technology to the medical cannabis industry with the ultimate goal of assisting patients with managing their medical cannabis prescriptions.
It is an intuitive mobile application that allows patients to access important information about medical cannabis products, while at the same time provide feedback through surveys about experiences and effectiveness of products.
It is an intuitive mobile application where users can:

  • Create personal profiles based on medical conditions to discover strains best suited to symptoms,
  • Toggle on and off ailments and symptoms, to track product effectiveness,
  • Locate cannabis products that have helped patients with similar symptom,
  • Rate and review prescribed products and provide anecdotal feedback
  • Access to product descriptions, reviews, prices and buying locations
  • Interactive maps to find your products
  • Products and stores near you
  • Recommended products and stores as per symptoms of your choice.
  • Favorite products and stores
  • Direction to the desired stores
  • Complete details of every product
  • Complete details of store including the product the sell

Prescriptii uses six core technologies: mobile applications, artificial intelligence, reg tech, smart
databases, blockchain and digital reward tokens, to capture and aggregate data to qualify
candidates for clinical studies.

New Direction of development

IPTV is an android app which runs on both TV and mobile devices developed by
It is designed to watch lots of TV series and movies online, as long as you have a good Internet connection and you do not need any external video player such as VLC Player to watch those videos, it has its own inbuilt video player. Fortunately, from IPTV’s official website , you can also watch lots of movies and series over there. Although setting up the app is no problem at all, some users might not fully understand how it works at first. After opening the IPTV app, you can start watching all the videos and it also provides Dailymotion videos.


CannaLife is the first medicinal cannabis-related social media platform of its kind that allows us insights into the needs, concerns and desirers of both active med canna and potential users around the world.
CannaLife is not only focused on the Medical Cannabis, but also a social engagement app for the medical cannabis community where you can join and contribute to Communities. It provides new and existing medical cannabis users with community-based support related specifically to the ailments affecting them, so they can make the best medical cannabis choices. CannaLife is designed to create conversations, share information, encourage education and build communities pertaining to medical cannabis on a single social platform. It is easy to setup and allows users to post content and tag topics across multiple platforms. Emoticons captures the feelings related to each post and users can join or create communities based on needs, questions and experience.
iOS & Android

Which mobile apps development technology is better for your business?

Offshore Mobile Application development

App is a piece of software that carries out some useful tasks for the users. These apps have made the life of humans very easy. Many apps hit the market every hour and each app has its own importance. The app that is user-friendly and useful is attracting many more customers to download and use it. However, people switch from one app to another friendly app after using it for a certain period of time. The demand for mobile apps development services are increasing day by day, since, the craze for apps made the development companies to focus and develop innovative apps. Now-a-days all the people across the globe from booking movie tickets till purchasing a product are relying on apps. Some of these apps are in built in mobile and few other needs internet connection to access it.
There are various technologies used for developing an unconventional and feasible app. However, the technology differs from one app to another. The businesses have to give their requirements for the mobile app development companies. The professional and skilled developers develop the app based on the technology that best suits the business.

How to choose the mobile apps development technology:-

Initially the businesses have to choose the app that gives miraculous results for their business such as native apps, hybrid or web apps, when come to mobile apps development technology.
offshore mobile application development

Native mobile apps: These apps usually work only on the specific platform instead of all such as Android, Windows, IOS, Blackberry, etc. The key benefit of this app is that it gives seamless and captivating experience for the user. It is very easy and quick to access this app, since it is designed to work on one particular platform. However, it is not so easy to make your app available for the other mobile phones that work on different platforms.

To make the app work on other platforms you need to develop it from the scratch. The businesses first have to analyze the mobile devices from which majority of their customers are accessing their site and later on develop the app that works on that device.
Take a look over each platform

Apple iOS: Here the developer uses the C-language for developing an app. This is the most challenging programming language even for the experienced and skilled programmers. However, there are many latest tools (Xcode) released by Apple for its developers to develop the native apps.

Android: Developer uses the Java programming language for developing apps that work on android mobiles. However, there are many renowned tools released in the market for developing more effective apps for the businesses. Examples of those tools include Eclipse and Android studio.

Windows Phone: This platform is used for developing enterprise applications. These apps are developed using C# or VB.NET programming languages. Microsoft has released a great tool called Visual studio and helping out the developer to create wonderful and feasible apps for the business. This is very user-friendly tool for the amateur and experienced developers.

Hybrid apps: These apps can be installed on the device that runs native apps, but it requires internet connection to operate it. The developers use HTML5 to develop these creative apps. However, these apps are not as effective, fast and trustworthy as native apps. These apps are used to give regular updates to the users about the latest products, special events, and launches of a business.

Web apps: These apps are basically categorized into three types, i.e. traditional, adaptive and responsive. The traditional web apps works only on websites whereas responsive apps are designed to work both on desktops and mobiles. The design of these apps relies on the mobile resolution. However, it is opened on all mobile devices. The adaptive app is quite opposite to responsive app. Here the app does not change its design, but when it is opened in mobiles it tries to fit in the screen size of mobile phones.

The business can choose any one of these technologies to develop the app that helps their business to reach heights.

Avoid unnecessary calls from your smart phone through app

ijustcall app

It’s a sad fact that most of us are exposed to a never ending flood of unwanted messages from some salespeople, telemarketers and even pornography when we click on any website –a deluge that invades our personal time each day. Whether we are just checking an article online or having a relaxed time with our family any unwanted thing can become annoying and frustrating. Spam has infiltrated our mobile phones as well where it not only wastes away your valuable your time but also costs you money and hinders your routine life. Nowadays spam callers not just call us but also send us a truckload of messages offering some or the other scheme or discount. To make matters worse, text messaging apps like WhatsApp etc are also being used by spammers to send out unwanted messages. In any medium, spam remains unwanted and annoying. It is obvious if we want to purchase a credit card or take a personal loan, we will opt for it and not wait for a caller to offer a scheme to us. Text messages consume your precious data allowance, and voice minutes while calls take away your precious time when you are in the middle of something important.
The good news however is that we can stop it from happening. It doesn’t have to be that way and we have a lot of options to choose from. Simply, take some measures to get rid of unsolicited messages and calls and you’ll eliminate spam forever from your life.

Telemarketers are definitely annoying – no one wants to hear a sales pitch for a loan or credit card when they don’t really want it. To avoid such instances, don’t give your number to any company or list it on any website. If you do it and receive calls, make sure you get your number removed from the list that mobile application development company is using. It is undoubtedly illegal for any company to take your number and bug you with unwanted calls. You can also register for a facility offered nowadays by telecom regulatory agencies or operators called “Do not call” and prevent unwanted calls.
One more solution is using features in your smartphones to block these calls. Nowadays all operating systems are equipped with apps and inbuilt features that let you avoid distractions. Simply add an unwanted number in your contact list and mark it as spam caller or add it to voicemail. You can also put your phone on modes like meeting mode, sleep mode or do not disturb mode to take calls only from people you actually want to pick calls from and ignore others. If your smartphone doesn’t offer these features, download an app to block all these callers and make your live simpler.
There are definitely many ways to avoid unnecessary calls. If your operator doesn’t provide a facility or even after you register for “Do not call facility” and you still receive these calls, you always have an option of using applications to avoid it. Remember to use all measures to prevent such instances and you will definitely be on the road of avoiding spam.

What are the Java 9 new interesting features that are helpful for developers?

java 9 Features

Java 8 arrived in early 2014 to a lot of fanfare and was launched for new additions and JavaScript on the JVM via Nashorn. Not everything about Java 8 was perfect and Oracle has already begun working on the next version of Java to enhance the performance and provide more amazing features to the developers.

Java 9 based on java standard edition 9 is expected on the beginning of early 2016 which will include changes in performance, new capabilities and a new feature – Modularity. While the list of features to be included are still tentative but the features might be postponed to a later date. Confirmed or not, the expected features are worth liking and here is a preview of the most interesting proposals of Java 9.

1. Highly anticipated – Modularity:-

Modularity is one of the most hyped Java 9 features which is inspired by Project Jigsaw. Although it was expected to be introduced in Java 8, it was postponed to be introduced to Java 9. Modularity will make the JDK source code reorganized into modules and scalable to other devices.

Modularity will also improve the security and performance of the java projects and it will be easy for developers to develop and manage the libraries. Developers can make use of this feature to create jar files which can be customized as per the project requirements.


Lightweight JSON API is an inclusion of JSON directly in Java 9 as earlier there were no methods to handle it. It will provide the most commonly needed functionalities and utilize the features offered by Java library and version 8, 9. IT will be used directly through java.util

3. Process API Updates:-

Java 9 introduces Process API update to control and manage the operating system processes. As of now, developers need to use native code and this feature will overcome this problem.

4. Segmented code cache:-

Java 9 will introduce this feature to divide code cache to enhance performance. Instead of having single code, code will be segmented into individual code segments containing code of the same type.

5. Smart Java compilation Phase 2 :-

Java 9 will improve the sjavac compiler tool which can be used by default in the JDK build. It can be generalized to be used in large projects other than JDK.

6. Money and Currency API:-

In Java 8, Date and Time API were introduced and now Java 9 brings the Money and Currency API to perform or represent calculations related to money and currency.

7. Cloud- optimized JVM:-

This feature will make use of the existing cloud features and java virtual machine (JVM) will be cloud optimized which will make deployments of Java based projects in the cloud easier What else to expect?

• Unified JVM logging
• Compiler control
• Datagram Transport Layer Security
• HTML5 Javadoc
• HTTP 2 client
• Project Kulla – REPL in Java
• Improved contended locking

Java 9 will offer a myriad features which will prove beneficial for the developers, if they know where to look and how to make best use of the new feature.. Developers can also access the early access builds of Java 9 on the java website.




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