October 16, 2014 Tanzanite Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

Google Releases Android Lollipop, Nexus 6 Smartphone, Nexus 9 Tablet


Google has finally release Android L and as expected called it “Lollypop” Lollypop is going to debut on 3 new devices of Nexus only. Later this month will be released for other devices. The detailed features of Lollypop have been released by Google, and are as follows:-


This was the most demanded features among the android users and many third party apps were there to suffice this. Lollypop, however has added some more to it. Now the notifications can be seen on the lock screen without the need of opening the device. Notifications have become more interactive, and can be seen in as cards on the screen. The most unexpected feature is of this segment is that now you don’t need to leave the running app to see the notification; you can directly work on the notification with the current app running on the screen, a perfect example of multi tasking.

Material Design:

This is one of the major changes in android since Ice-cream sandwich. The User Interface is now a lot smoother, graphically rich, and responsive along with rich animated touch feedback including new ripple effect. This is a revolutionary in UI of mobile devices.

Other Features:

Besides these two most awaited features Android has introduced new feature in interpreter which will enable users to switch between DalviK and ART. ART also provides significant boost to performance of the device, and battery life. This new performance capability will help reach a PC-level high graphic capability for the future devices.

For developers, project Volta is a feature that will provide detailed information on how different processes are hogging battery. This Battery Saver app will close all but the most essential apps helps using battery at optimal level.

The security update have been introduced which is a big step against any kind of theft. With Android L, google has launched updates for 3000 new APIs to work with like the new camera api, DNG support, Bluetooth 4.1, A/V codec and many more.

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