Game Development Company

Game is a boundary full of optimistic icons that patronize us to repeat liveliness and sparkle in somewhat MAD globe that we survive in today’s world. If we can do something to revive our mind, then game development is considered widely as a finest suitable thing.  Mobile gaming development is a unique form which should not be considered as mobile game development large number of companies fail to recognizing this concept but Tanzanite InfoTech has well equipped with desired knowledge and possess the power to bring out creative and appealing games for multifarious platforms such smart phone mobiles i.e., android, iOS platform, unity 3D, and much more.

Our role in iOS gaming development

Our dedicated professionals are giving their best to elicit the better results for our IOS users.  Our company is working ceaselessly to increase users gaming experience and offer them superiority of touch interface, radiating HD display and composite gesture based procedures that patronize us stands out in the market .

Here are some of the tactics applied by us

  • We contain the power of building mobile game development from scratch as well as from exiting engines
  • We create the games which elicit interest of the user.
  •  Most up-to-date iPhone gimmicks are more motion based contributing enormous procedures.

What we do in android game development-

The proficient and dedicated professionals of Tanzanite InfoTech have the skills to provide gaming experience on Android gimmicks which offers futuristic advanced effects like immense HD display, excellent touch input attached with complex formed procedure and compatible amid different Android devices including a function of playing android game on smart television.We stand with highly specialized android game developer who can leverage you the best gaming experience.

Our role in Unity 3D game development

Our experts use unity 3d which leads to the creation of one of the finest game for our clients.  It offers ample range of game development procedures all around the computer and devices.  The enthused teams of tanzanite InfoTech are well-equipped for the efficient use of unity 3d game development to give an excellent experience and results to our users.


We maintain high quality in all the gaming development provided by us whether it’s related to making designs, conceptualizing the client’s vision and requirements, and creating a game design according to the requirements and needs of our clients.




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