We have observed the supremacy of the mobile in today’s world and developed the meticulous created measures to renovate the latent of mobile influence in the favors of our clients.

Mobile has developed hype in today’s era, everything is possible with just a click from your phone, and whole world is in your reach with it just with a single click. This also makes mobile a very important source of business.

Before our clients reach out to the conclusion of getting a mobile app we made them analyze little perspective regarding requirements –

  • Will they along with their customer get benefited with the mobile app in the same time?
  • Will it help them in providing a better customer services?
  • How their customers will access the information related to their business?

IOS development Services

We have all the all in one solution for all your problems. At Tanzanite InfoTech we leverage all tremendous range of IOS development services for different kinds of platforms such as IPad, IPhone all models with Mac app development. We are here to provide the best solutions of our client’s problems and to initiate new methods of evolving the idea into a high quality application.

Android development Services

Being a Customer oriented company; our professionals are completely dedicated with enthusiasm to elicit the vision of our clients in the reality. Tanzanite InfoTech has the professional acumen to create finest responsive android application whilst considering all the requirements of our clients. We don’t only create the services which help our client demeanor their respective businesses but also we have the proficiency to generate flawlessly in android development which gives the customers spectacular lead in their businesses.

Web Development Services

The ideal website development is entirely related to creating a website from scratch to the vision which includes formation of conceptualization & designing the graphics of a project, developing content, generating front as well as back ends, as well efficiently testing , organizing and preserving a project. Tanzanite InfoTech has all the latent related to development of website which makes us a most desirable choice in for all kinds of website development. We leverage the finest techniques to create even the highly complex web based applications of the internet, social networking platform along with the electronics business.

Testing Services

Our experts are highly dedicated to create those apps, websites which patronize your clients to reach out their target audience and make them satisfy with the quality of Application. It’s a known thing that a good concept loses all the charm if not represented well, here we leverage the excellent techniques and proven reliable methods to test web & mobile applications which leads to the generation of ideal products which matched with clients necessities and aids them stand out and succeed in their respective business.

Augmented Reality Application development Services

Stunning presentation, Realistic effects latest trends of designs, Dynamic and creative approaches are the key of Tanzanite Infotech. The world is getting mobile with very fast pace, almost everything is taken over by the internet whether it’s booking tickets for travel or to doing shopping at E-Commerce websites. Now Ecommerce has emerged with new trend of Augmented Reality based shopping where users can buy after virtualizing it , including clothing, furniture, building, Interiors, everything.

AI/ML development Services

Creativity is what we thrive for. We being a customer driven company present our AI/ML services in such manner which makes us our clients to re approach to us with more efficient tasks. Possessing the efficient dedicated team in Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning, we are ready to serve our client.

Blockchain Services

Our experts use blockchain technology to the creation of one of the finest crypto application for our clients. It offers ample range of development procedures all around the computer and devices. The enthused teams of tanzanite InfoTech are well-equipped for the efficient use of blockchain development to give an excellent experience and results to our users.

IOT Services

Well, it came out as a blessing for today’s busy world which not only provide you the opportunity to buy the required product but also leverage you to use it with the aid of few clicks/applications. These features are now even available at the real time gadgets functioning. Tanzanite InfoTech steadily understand that their desired audience is being dynamic along the globe. Not only in the terms of prominent tendency to use products but also to rely on it.


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