Technology is undergoing a tremendous transformation. Artificial Intelligence is no more a back-office or research oriented subject any more.  Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are completely changing the face of businesses today.
AI application development at Tanzanite delivers some of the best-in-class solutions that are used by customers to bring out operational efficiency by increasing productivity.  Our AI professionals can completely transform your business by harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence.

AI Offerings at Tanzanite

  • Machine Learning
  • NLP (Natural Language Processing)
  • Process Automation
  • Virtual Agents

Benefits of AI Application Development for your business-

Today, AI application development has resulted in implementation of AI in various facets of a business.  Here are few key implementations of Artificial Intelligence that are helping businesses achieve economies of scale

  • Enhanced Sales Performance

    Sales performance is a critical performance indicator for businesses. Artificial Intelligence applications can help businesses to filter out the right set of qualified leads.  AI application development is used to develop chatbot solutions who can converse with leads who inquire on website. Based on questions asked by the lead, these chatbots can respond just like a human, using Natural Language Processing. As an outcome, the sales representative can concentrate on working on the qualified leads generated by chatbots and focus on converting them to a customer.

  • Marketing Innovation

    Marketing is another function which can leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence.  By using AI combined with big data analytics, marketers can capture behavior of customers and prospective customers.  They can also help in defining expected buying patterns based on their overall behavior on social media platforms. This gives an opportunity for marketers to have specific campaigns that are targeted to the specific needs or preferences of prospective customers.

  • Personal Assistants

    A very simple use of AI is its application as a personal assistant to helps customers in note-taking or dictation. This is seen through latest speech recognition tool against which a record is created in a CRm system with a unique ID. Even in MS Office, you can see speech recognition tools embedded to help users to avoid typing
    Typically, anyone who is into AI application development, will be using following tools and frameworks as part of their service offerings.

    • Microsoft Azure
    • IBM Watson
    • Mahout
    • DMTK
    • Keras

So what is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning has been easily used as a synonym of Artificial Intelligence, but the fact of the matter is that these two are distinct technologies. In fact, Artificial Intelligence is a larger bucket and machine learning is just a subset of AI. Machine Learning works on the simple fundamental that systems can recognize patterns and take calculated decisions without any human involvement.

  • How did it evolve?

    Unlike yesteryears, machine learning today has completely undergone a paradigm shift.  It initiated from a theory of pattern recognition where computers used to learn without any programming work done on them.  Today, machine learning has gone so far that scientists are keen to see if computers do have the capability to learn from data. One of the most critical elements is the iterative component wherein machines are independently able to adapt as these models are exposed to a new set of data.
    Even though machine learning algorithms have been in existence for quite some time, the recent trend has been the ability to apply complex mathematical calculations and algorithms to big data, repeatedly and faster. Let us look at some of the used cases for machine learning

    • Google’s self-driven car
    • Amazon & Netflix provide online recommendation
    • Twitter’s model where you know  what your customers are saying about you ?


Artificial Intelligence application development is all about the science around imitating human abilities, whereas machine learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence that actually trains a machine to learn.

Importance of Machine Learning

The recent surge in machine learning technology is similar to the fact that data gathering and volumes of data that are managed has spiked up; whereas, data computing is now getting cost effective and more powerful.

How to Create Effective/Good ML Systems?

Machine Learning systems can be made good and effective by
  • Having strong data preparation capabilities
  • Setting up basic and advanced algorithms
  • Defining processes for automation
  • Working on scalability of the system
  • Having strong data preparation capabilities

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