As we see more and more businesses going online, it has become even more mandatory for them to ensure that the web applications that they are coming up with are tested and functionally ready.  With this regards, software testing is now an essential part of the software QA program. Damaged applications can have a rippling effect on the overall brand and have exponential cost implications.
Web application testing consists of all applications before they actually go live. Various aspects of an application are tested, such as

  • Functionality
  • Stability
  • Usability
  • Vulnerability
  • Security

A very practical approach to ensure that the application is tested using right tools is to outsource it to specialists. By delegating this task to a specialist, businesses can bring down their operating expenditure and management overheads, and expedite the overall timeline of software development.

Application Testing Services at Tanzanite

  • Functional Testing

    Functional testing is the process of testing the application based on functional situations and conditions that are provided by the client. This allows the application to be ready functionality and ready to be used, without any bugs.  The reason functional testing is very important for businesses is because during the lifecycle of an application, it may undergo multiple versioning.Performing functional testing in-house can be a cumbersome process and at the time cost and time sensitive. Moreover, businesses need to deploy a dedicated resource for this activity. Hence, it is better to outsource it to a professional partner such as Tanzanite, who has the right set of tools and a set approach to conduct functional testing of your applications.

  • Usability Testing

    Essentially, usability testing can be further broken down into three categories – exploratory, assessment and comparative. Subsequently, these tests are further classified as

    • Discovery usability testing
    • Benchmarking
    • Competitive
    • Learnability
  • Compatibility Testing

    This is more of a non-functional testing, and by far less costly for enterprises to check the performance of their software. The primary objective of this testing is to check the compatibility of the application in the given environment.

  • Performance Testing

    Performance testing is conducted by infusing various parameters into an application such as load and then it is evaluated to check stability, scalability and the speed of the application.
    This testing is very critical before launching any new application or product. Performance testing is a part of the QA testing services, and is better and a cost effective option for businesses.

  • Security Testing

    Lastly, to ensure that your application is safe from cyber-attacks or malware attacks, it is important to have the security aspect of your application checked. By undertaking security testing, you can check your applications for vulnerabilities, defects and can prevent any possible attacks or security breaches.

Why Tanzanite

  • Proven QA testing standards and methodologies
  • Industry expertise with a strong technical team
  • Ensure optimized user experience and speed up the time to market your product
  • Leverage the cost factor through an outsourced testing services model
  • A test lab that houses the latest tools and testing frameworks

So, don’t wait further. Collaborate with us and don’t worry about your software’s quality. It is in the hands of a Quality Service Provider that is Quality Conscious. At Tanzanite, our QA testing services undergo various processes, right from planning to integrated testing, creation of test cases and development of methodology, test scripts and lot more.

At Tanzanite, we also conduct

  • Automated Testing using Appium, selenium
  • Manual Testing
  • Unit Testing
  • Leverage the cost factor through an outsourced testing services model
  • Regression Testing

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